Westside Stables offers lessons for riders of all ages and all levels. We strive to offer a safe and enjoyable riding experience, while instilling good horsemanship in each lesson.
Please inquire for a more detailed outline of rates and all the amenities we offer.

Westside Stables offers ring rentals for out-of-barn riders at a fee of $20 including applicable taxes.

All rates are of January 1st, 2022.

School Horse Lessons

(Plus GST )



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These type of lessons are typically for the novice rider, although all levels of riders can take part. See below for rates.

* Lessons may only be rescheduled in the event of a conflict with a Horseshow/Clinic or horse availability

Evaluation Lesson
(first lesson before being placed into group lesson)
$90 per
One lesson per week $280 per month
Two lessons per week $520 per month
Private lesson, 45 min. $90 per
Semi-Private lesson $85 per
Pay per lesson $70 per

• Our rates are based on 4 lessons per week. If you are going to pay for 2 lessons a month, you are to pay a per lesson fee ($70 per lesson, more if private).
• 3 post dated cheques requested at the start of lessons
• 30 days notice required to quit lessons.

1/2 Lease on a School Horse

1/3 Lease on a School Horse

1/2 Lease     (2 lessons per week included)   

$530 per month

$360 per month

$670 per month 

Includes 2 lessons per week (1/2) or 1 lesson per week (1/3) & 1 free time ride. Also includes shoeing & vet cost (unless due to negligence of rider). Rider may participae in "B" series or Appy Shows.

Boarder/Lease Lessons

(Plus GST)
These type of lessons are for riders who either own their own horse or lease one. See below for rates.
Two group lessons per week $350 per month
Three group lessons per week $475 per month

Individual group lesson

$50 per
Private lesson $60 per
Semi-Private lesson $55 per
Boarding/Lease Rates (Plus GST)

Board rate includes 3 feedings a day with a choice of 3 high quality hays that are regularly tested for nutritional content, paddock turnout, and daily cleaning of stalls/paddocks.
Please see the Facility page for more information on the boarding facilites.

All Boarders and Leasers must be members of Horse Council BC!

Full board $940 per month
Half lease (of Westside owned horse)
Plus 1/2 of shoeing costs.
$470 per month
Third lease (of Westside owned horse)
Plus 1/3 shoeing costs.
$320 per month

Board per day $35

All Westside lease horses will also have an additional insurance cost to cover basic vet fees like vaccinations, worming, teeth and joint injections.

If you are jumping over 3' - Fee will be determined with Leanne.

If you are jumping 2'6"-3' - Fee is $70 per horse.

If you are jumping less than 2'6" - Fee is $30 per horse.

Other expenses may be present dependent on the Lessee's needs, examples below:

Borrow Tack - $40 per month

Extra Locker - $40 per month

Shoeing - Pay per month or directly to farrier.

Feature Amenities (Plus GST)
Full day turnout with shelter (per horse) +$100 per month
Extra Bedding +$50 per month
Medicating (eg. via oral syringe) + $5 per

Blanketing (Outdoor and Indoor)

Outdoor Only

Hooding and Boots

+$70 per month

+$50 per month

+$20 per month

Holding for Vet/Farrier

Trailer Parking

Clipping/Riding Clients Horses

+$20 per hour

+$60 per month

Contact Leanne

Other Amenities available, please inquire for more information.