Westside Stables offers lessons for riders of all ages and all levels. We strive to offer a safe and enjoyable riding experience, while instilling good horsemanship in each lesson.
Please inquire for a more detailed outline of rates and all the amenities we offer.

All rates are as of May 1st, 2024.

School Horse Lessons

(Plus GST)


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These type of lessons are typically for the novice rider, although all levels of riders can take part. See below for rates.

* Lessons may only be rescheduled in the event of a conflict with a Horseshow/Clinic or horse availability

Evaluation Lesson
(first lesson before being placed into group lesson)
Private lesson (45 min) $105
Group lesson (60 min) $90
Semi-Private lesson (60 min) $95
Two Group Lessons per week $630 per month 

30 days notice required to stop lessons.  Missed lessons are lost lessons and will not be rescheduled if missed without 24 hours advance notice.  Rescheduling is only available in the same calendar month.

Lease Rates for Westside School Horse (Plus GST)

1/2 Lease on a School Horse

1/3 Lease on a School Horse

$765 per month

$545 per month

Includes 2 lessons per week (1/2) or 1 lesson per week (1/3) & 1 free time ride. Also includes shoeing & vet cost (unless due to negligence of rider). Rider may participate in "B" series or Appy Shows.

Ultimate Package on a Westside Horse 

1/2 Lease and 2 lessons per week, 1 hack day, tack, shoeing and vet included

$940 per month
Lease Lesson Rates on Westside Horse (Plus GST)
Private Lesson (45 min) $80
Group Lesson (60 min) $65

Boarder/Lease Lessons

(Plus GST)
These type of lessons are for riders who either own their own horse or lease one. See below for rates.
Two group lessons per week $455 per month
Three group lessons per week $560 per month

Individual group lesson

$50 per
Private lesson $60 per
Semi-Private lesson $55 per
Boarding/Lease Rates (Plus GST)

Board rate includes 3 feedings a day with a choice of 3 high quality hays that are regularly tested for nutritional content, paddock turnout, and daily cleaning of stalls/paddocks.
All Boarders and Leasers must be members of Horse Council BC!

Full board - in a lesson program $1,525 per month
Full board - not in a lesson program $1,625 per month
Half lease
Plus 1/2 of shoeing costs.
$765 per month
Third lease
Plus 1/3 shoeing costs.
$545 per month

Board per day $50

All Westside lease horses will also have an additional insurance cost to cover basic vet fees like vaccinations, worming, teeth and joint injections.

Rider jumping 2'6" - $40 per month

Rider jumping 2'9"/3' - $80 per month

Rider jumping higher than 3' - Talk to Leanne (250)744-6104

Other expenses may be present dependent on the Lessee's needs, examples below:

Shoeing - Pay per month or directly to farrier.

Extra Services (Plus GST)
Full day turnout with shelter (per horse) +$100 per month
Extra Bedding +$50 per month
Medicating (eg. via oral syringe) $5 each time

Holding for Vet or Farrier

$35 per hour